Monthly Archives: May 2005


Another item to do in my non-existant free time.

Welcome to Walter Cedric home

So far the list contains:

1) Read a dozen books
2) Build an RC airplane that my wonderful wife bought for my birthday (can’t wait!)
3) Build a portable NES into an old GameBoy (gonna be sweet)
4) Dust off and Mod-out my old xbox (gonna be equally sweet)
5) I was gonna hack one of my d* tivo’s for multi room viewing & advanced media options, but I have 2 of the tivos now, and shouldn’t really need multi-room viewing and the xbox should take care of any advanced media needs.

This list only contains items i would consider to be hobby-esque. Besides work right now my time is being filled with an ARE study course to become a licensed architect, various household projects, a couple side jobs, regular household work (which my performance is lacking on) and a multitude of family type functions and weddings.

At least I can’t compain about being bored.

Bored bored bored.