six feet blunder

For as long as it has been on the air I have been watching ‘Six Feet Under’. And from what I can remember it used to be pretty good. Its by the same guy that did ‘American Beauty’ which everyone loved so dearly. So after his acclaimed movie he comes up with this fresh show about a fucked up family that runs a funeral home. And it was good. At least I remember it being good. It seemed funny and somewhat up-beat in a roundabout sick kinda way.

But now this last season is drawing to a close and I find myself hitting the info button on my tivo just to check and make sure it is still classified as a comedy – which it is, but according to who? There might be a chuckle in an episode but nothing like what my memory has me believe there used to be.

And yet, I have to watch every episode when I have this growing feeling that each new episode is another blown rivet in a slowly sinking ship. And on top of that, for whatever reason each character seems to have been painted into the creep corner.

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