A side-job roller-coaster

I occasionally do some side jobs to help with bills and spending money. I have a few pretty steady side clients that actually prefer to work with me rather than anyone else, which I am proud of. What I don’t understand though is sometimes a month can pass by and I don’t hear from any of them, then all of a sudden i get a call from each of them within a few hours time…like today.

I had all last weak off, enjoyed spending time with my wonderful wife and relaxing, but I did have some free time where I could have used the time to work on some of this stuff, but instead everyone decided to call me on my first day back at my full-time job.

I’m not complaining though, I just think its interesting. I guess its like the old saying…how does it go?
Catholic school girls can’t be tamed…oh no, sorry its…when it rains it pours.

One thought on “A side-job roller-coaster

  1. bill

    mike, catholic schoolgirls CAN be tamed… look at our wives…. errr… i mean… damn how do i erase this…. shit.
    anyways if you need help with stuff, i can be your errand boy.
    Heres your coffee sir.


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