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A Full Re-Enactment Of Bill’s Bachelor Party PtII

The big day has finally come. Bill’s second bachelor party, it promised baseball and beer…an honest good time, well planned out with drinks, tickets & transportation…and only a couple surprises.

The trip started perfectly, I was early and everyone else was pretty much on time, except for Weso who wanted to make sure Bill’s parent’s old house was still standing in Lemont. He was happy to report that it was still there. Our man Donovan arrived in our sparkling white limo and we were off like knights in a shining white queermobile. Seriously though…I may be focusing on it a bit too much, but six guys climbing out of a white limo at a cubs game screams something other than heteros on the prowl.

our trusty steed
Our rainbow roadmaster in all its glory.

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What Bill Saw pt I

I’ve gotten a few good pictures from my friend Bill who runs a body
shop supply store on the south side of Chicago.  These pictures
are too sweet to keep to my self any longer, so over the next few days
I will be posting up comments on ‘What Bill Saw’.


Party Weekend!

From what I heard, this was an excellent weekend. The girls went out on the town for Joani’s Bachelorette party and apperently they caught up on a lot of drinking.

Some highlights from a reliable source: Ass and titty all over the place to win free merchandise from Dick’s Last Resort, Some silly hats with silly sayings, Joani almost dying from choking on a ‘blowjob’ shot, Much dancing and partying at Ontourage (yes thats spelled right, isn’t it cute how they did that) and at Sound-Bar. They were in the VIP room by invitation of someone at the club and as soon as they got into the VIP area they were asked to leave by the same guy…so obviously they ignored him and stayed up there.

Sometime during the evening Cheri’s big toe got smashed up, and she kept falling onto a black leather couch where Carrie Berry (lollers) was sitting with her gourd so bent out of shape she was reduced to grunts and facial expressions as her only means of communications with the rest of the world.

As the evening progressed the ladies somehow, most likely a miracle from the almighty himself, found their way back to the hotel where they were staying. Once they had touched back down to earth it was hot tub time…you all know what hot tub time is…this activity is promenently featured on every dating reality show known to man. It doesn’t matter what show or what station, there is alway a hot tub scene and it always has some dork throwing out awesome phrases like ‘uh…so do you like hot-tubs?’ and the girl with the big fakies is like ‘uh..maybe…hehe’. Anyway, this was sorta like that except there were no dorky guys to muddy up the imagery. That is if you don’t count MR. Bubbles – and not just the capfull like the directions imply – we’re talking about all of Mr. Bubbles in a large 2 person jacuzzi tub with 4 girls in it (with swimsuits on you dirty bastard). Sounds like good clean fun (rimshot).
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