my desk

my desk is a fucking shithole. i look at it and i get disgusted with the amount of mess that has occumulated on it. there are things on here that obviously shold not be sitting around still.

2 used plastic spoons
1 used metal spoon
an old use paper napkin
a dirty empty glass empty halls wrappers
bottle caps
old drawings of no use any more
1 new nickel
misc. laminate samples
old used post-its
dried out marker pens without caps
caps that don’t match the marker pens
a 5 slot brochure holder from the bank next door
environmental reports from projects long completed
pantone books for colormatching (i’m colorblind)
an espresso cup from a closed restaraunt
4 staplers – 3 empty
various sized alagator clips
a razor knife from grizzly chewing tobacco
a ceramic owl mug (duh)
a photo of a ceramic owl mug (?)
a box of zip disks

I want to have a clean desk.

I would rather write about how dirty my desk is than clean it.

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