Monthly Archives: November 2005

if only it were for real

Industrial Designers One & Co produced a sweet little piece of gadgetry for the headset powerhouse Plantronics and I have to say it is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. If you can’t get it from the photo, it is a set of wireless stereo earbuds – think those trendy white ipod earbuds minus the wires.


Sure its only a concept design, but a man on the moon was once only an idea…

This type of ear-tech might even make me consider using one for my phone. As far as I know, the only wireless headset option available right now is to walk around with something the size of a pager sticking out of your ear. The least someone could to is make those things look less like a glowing blue robot parasite. And people who have them, feel they must wear them all the time. Whats up with that? I can’t have a serious conversation with someone who looks like they are on call from NASA.

When some guy (and for whatever reason, its always a guy) with one of those things on tries to talk to me it usually goes like this:

Guy: Hey Mike, whatsup?
Me: Oh hey, it looks like your transformation is almost complete!
Guy: Huh?
Me: (walks away)


There are some other cool things on they One & Co website. I like the concept for the ‘Timex Life Index Watch’ which has a countdown for your life expectancy that updates itself constantly by reading your bio-signs through the skin. This thing sounds like fun.

I could see some sort of competition at a fraternity where guys could see who can get their Life Watch closest to zero while binge drinking on a thursday night.

“DUDE! You totally almost died!”