Monthly Archives: May 2006

An interesting look back

While looking for references to Ripple Wine on the internet, I rolled across a site that documented Christmas wishes from soldiers deployed in Vietnam.

I wonder where some of these guys are today and what they would say now to freshly deployed soldiers.

Also found a new term I had never heard of “Doughnut Dollie”
I don’t like war. I don’t like the idea of killing for any reason. I wonder if there is anything worth the costs involved (human and moral, not monitary). I’m sure under some circumstance there might not be any other choice but to fight, not sure what it would be though.

Anyway, if anyone can find me a bottle of finely aged Ripple, it would make an excellent Christmas present for myself and SP4 Tim Crowley of So. St. Paul, Minn.

Cheap wines of all kinds

I’m not really sure why, but i have a strange and recurring obsession with cheap and hobo-esque wine references.

I love to talk about Ripple, Mad Dog 20/20, Night Train, Thunderbird, etc. [photopress:ripple1.jpg,thumb,alignright]

I have never tried any of these brands, partly because I have never found them on sale, also because I have a fear of becoming a hobo.

My favorite reference is Ripple. I think it has to do with an old Dan Fogelberg, or was it John Fogerty, album my dad used to play. I can not be 100% positive this is were my knowledge for the reference comes from, but I am pretty sure.

Recently there has been a small uprising on the fringe of the wine-snob world regarding Wine in a Can. My only problem with the concept is that it seems to be good wine. Who wants to drink good wine out of a can? When I enjoy a nice wind with friends and family, there is a certain satisfaction in the process of selecting the bottle, removing the foil and maneuvering the cork out of its hidy-hole. I don’t think you can get this experience from a can (or a box for that matter)

I would have thought there would already be a hobo wine in a can, but I can’t seem to locate any reference on the internets.

If I could find Hobo Wine in a Can, I would keep some in my hobo wine cellar (Styrofoam cooler).

Peace in the Middle East.

An animation I am working on

This is the beginnings of a residence I am working on rendering and animating in 3ds Max. The project is really turning out nicely, albeit slow due mostly to changes in design – which can be a good thing.

Drawn in Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Modeled in 3ds Max

I say I use Architectural Desktop, but I really only use the Autocad functions. I really need to learn the modeling and design functions of Desktop, I’m sure it would save time. Also, put Revit on my list of programs to learn.

Location: Edwards, Colorado

Mini Road Trip

Got plans for memorial day weekend? We are gearing up to drive down to the greater Peoria area this weekend. See the family. Hang out for a bit.

Hope everything goes smoothly. The wife has been under the weather for the last 3-4 days. Some sort of sinus infection.