Cheap wines of all kinds

I’m not really sure why, but i have a strange and recurring obsession with cheap and hobo-esque wine references.

I love to talk about Ripple, Mad Dog 20/20, Night Train, Thunderbird, etc. [photopress:ripple1.jpg,thumb,alignright]

I have never tried any of these brands, partly because I have never found them on sale, also because I have a fear of becoming a hobo.

My favorite reference is Ripple. I think it has to do with an old Dan Fogelberg, or was it John Fogerty, album my dad used to play. I can not be 100% positive this is were my knowledge for the reference comes from, but I am pretty sure.

Recently there has been a small uprising on the fringe of the wine-snob world regarding Wine in a Can. My only problem with the concept is that it seems to be good wine. Who wants to drink good wine out of a can? When I enjoy a nice wind with friends and family, there is a certain satisfaction in the process of selecting the bottle, removing the foil and maneuvering the cork out of its hidy-hole. I don’t think you can get this experience from a can (or a box for that matter)

I would have thought there would already be a hobo wine in a can, but I can’t seem to locate any reference on the internets.

If I could find Hobo Wine in a Can, I would keep some in my hobo wine cellar (Styrofoam cooler).

Peace in the Middle East.

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