Looks like a storm is brewing.

mayan calendarI found this article posted on boingboing.net that details the possibility of Iran’s intent to destroy the world to be extremely fascinating. I wasn’t worried when I first read it because, as EVERYONE knows, the world won’t end until the winter solstice in December of 2012 (as predicted by the Mayan long count calendar).

Then I did a little more research and found a guy by the name of Steven Hairfield who claims to have recalculated the correlation between the Mayan calendar and the current calendar system. According to his calculations, the 2012 End of Time theory will actually take place in the year 2006 between the months of June and October.

The disaster he is predicting will result in a major change in the earths water table and land mass. This link is to a log of his appearence on the Coast to Coast radio show, along with some audio and links to some maps of the post disaster earth as interpreted by a woman named Lori Toye.


I had so much planned for the next six years, now I have to fit it all into the next 11 days.

Thanks for the heads-up boingboing.

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