Sometimes it feels like…somebody’s watchin me

While getting ready to BBQ this last weekend, I was shopping for some steaks and some cheeckin at the local Jewel in Chicago. While placing the meat in my basket, a small sticker from the steak package stuck to my shopping list.

The sticker read something along the lines of how to safely handle the meat products, detailing how to clean the meat and the area and utensils you use during the preparation.

I noticed something odd about the sticker though. It wasn’t made of paper, and it was kind of thick, with a thicker band running around the edge of the sticker about 1/4″ wide. I tried to tear the sticker in half, and couldn’t, it had a sort of thin laminated plastic coating. I took out my keys and jabbed at it until it tore open, and sure enough RFID inside.

Then I looked down the aisle; every package of meat, be it beef, swine or bird, had one of these ‘safe handling’ stickers on it.

What I want to know is this: who is so interested in the meat that I am eating and why?

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