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I threw this together yesterday to help out my sister-in-law with her ongoing quest to be the most popular girl in high-school on flickr. Flickr is a photo sharing website, and so much more. I like to think of flickr as a double headed dragon. On one head, it is a normal photo-sharing site. People can upload photos, share them with friends and family and print them extremely easily. On the other head is this weird competitive/narcissistic communist marching comment squad, where people are subscribed to hundreds of group photo pools to show other complete strangers that they are creative too, have thousands of contacts who they don’t know, yet are compelled to leave suspicious non-comments about other people photos. Comments like ‘interesting idea’ or ‘nice angle’.

I originally signed up for the ease of use and sharing and I admit I do sometimes submit my photos to groups to show my stuff, but I’m not really sure why. What I do know is that jumping from the first head of the dragon to the second is all to easy, and a slippery slope at that. It only takes one comment from some anonymous person on one of your photos, and all of a sudden, you think you need deserve more comments from strangers. Next thing you know you submit every photo to a group, then you stop posting photos as regularly, thinking what if some anonymous person sees that not all of my photos are fabulous (sharing with family & friends goes right down the drain).

Next the thought creeps into your head that maybe you aren’t posting enough, and people you don’t even know, who thought you were creative, might forget about you if you don’t prove on a regular basis that you do belong and are part of the group.

It is at this point that you join the 365 pool, where you force yourself to post a photo everyday and submit it to the group for review and comments. Don’t get me wrong, I think chronicling your life is a great and fascinating idea, it can be extremely introspective, especially upon review. What I don’t always get is the need to showcase your life.

Then again maybe I’m just jealous of the attention that other people get…I mean, I do have a blog for god sakes (though i’m pretty sure no one reads it).

One thought on “Quite a piece of work

  1. brotha

    I read your blog…

    But that probably doesn’t make you feel any better. I think that you are over analyzing this. Everybody has their quirks. Exposing them in such a negative perspective reveals more about you than it does about them.

    Instead of narcissistic, you could easily say that these people are community oriented. Perhaps having such an emotionally disengaged family causes you to view people’s sense of community as a need for approval. If only everyone else knew your own complaints… By only hinting that you are jealous, you may be deflecting people from really thinking you are.

    Don’t over analyze it. Enjoy it. But the only way to enjoy it is to jump in head first. By holding back just to criticize, you aren’t enjoying yourself of them.


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