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Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.


photo by c.p.storm (terms)

This is the first line of an absolutely great article titled “Unhappy Meals” from the New York Times. It covers almost all the bases about eating with regard to health and lifestyle.

The gist of the article is in the title. Eat food, not foodstuffs, not nutrient enriched chemical creations. A good rule of thumb is to imagine if your great great grandmother would recognize it as food. Keep your food intake in check, and watch the amount of meat you eat.

This article, while long, is a must read for anyone who struggles with their weight or needs a ground floor introduction on the right way to eat. Even for those who think they know what they are doing because they are following recommended dietary guidelines, this article will shed some light on who is influencing those guidelines and who is really benefiting in the end (hint: most likely not you).

So clear some time in your schedule, grab a carrot and click here to read the whole article.

Note to self: STUDY

book binding

photo by vlasta2 (terms)

So I am almost a licensed Architect. I am so close. School’s done, I’ve finished the Intern Development Program, my records have been transferred to NCARB and I have even passed one test.

This means I have eight more Architectural Registration Exams to take and pass within the next 4 years. It’s not a terribly difficult task, it’s just daunting.

I have been cruising through some archiflash cards while commuting lately, but no hardcore committal studying. I think I will go ahead and register for my next test. Nothing seems to motivate more than a deadline and money on the table.

Oh, and whats the deal with all this motivation I am feeling lately?

Olivia’s Room

I have been messing around with taking photos in RAW format and tweaking exposures, trying to figure out how to make some nice looking HDR images. My biggest challenge right now is the lack of a tripod.

In the Nursery

This is one of my first attempts at a multiple exposure HDR image, and I am pretty happy with the colors.  I need one of those tripods and a remote.

Download, convert & sync videos to your iPod – without touching your computer


I think the title says it all, but in case you hate titles and skip right to the meat of these posts; this write-up is going to walk you through getting videos from the internets automatically (for those without a DVR that lets you keep your vids), convert them to an ipod compatible file (automatically), then add the new video files to iTunes (again automatically) to sync with your ipod the next time you plug it in.

Once you have this set up and running, the only thing you have to do is plug in your ipod and it will sync your new videos. It’s like the “set it and forget it” for ipod videos.

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