Papercraft Chicago

paper chicago

People with an interest in architecture, crafts, glue and a little spare time may want to head over to this website They sell postcards of Chicago’s architecture and historic landmarks that are meant to be cut up, folded and glued. Now you can finally build your own tiny paper Chicago and stomp around Wrigley Field just like godzilla would.

The site has postcards to order, instructions and tips for the best finished models and even hints on how to add extra details like N-scale wheels to the paper elevated train cars. Fun stuff.

2 thoughts on “Papercraft Chicago

  1. roderick

    Found this post on Boing Boing – You can walk down to the Chicago Architecture Foundation and get all of the buildings, but not the el cars. My finacee is an architect and I got her the whole set – apparently the boxier buildings are easy to assemble, while the rounder ones (eg Lake Point Tower) are a pain in the ass.

  2. Connie

    The pdf for the trains seems to be wrong. It takes you to the first building pdf. Do you know who we can contact to fix it? I’m a displaced chicagoan who is into paper models and I’d love to do the entire cityscape.


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