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Happy is he who still loves something he loved in the nursery: He has not been broken in two by time; he is not two men, but one, and he has saved not only his soul but his life.

~Gilbert K. Chesterton


I want to hear stories that embarrass because they are undeniable, stories that only old friends can tell because only they know them. There is little continuity between my present and my past, self inflicted for sure, but still troubling when I dwell on it.

Ask anyone who knows me, who spends time with me, what I was like in my youth.

They couldn’t know. To them I didn’t exist more than ten years ago.

Ask any of my friends from my past, who I grew up with, what I am like today.

They won’t know.

I have disconnected.

a quickie


Lack of posts have probably made this site somewhat of a ghost town. If anyone is reading though, in October of 2007 I moved on from my previous employer, a small architecture firm in Park Ridge, Illinois to a general contractor in Chicago. I have transitioned from being an architectural project manager to being a virtual construction manager.

“A what?” you say.

A virtual construction manager I say.

My job is to oversee and coordinate the implementation of BIM (building information modeling) in our National Building Group.

BIM is a 3D digital model of a building, containing all aspects of a buildings design in real world dimensions. A good model will have all major architectural, structural & MEP systems, which we can use to assess hard and soft system clashes as well as constructability. With these systems modeled, as an example, we can tell if the architectural drawings and structural drawings are coordinated, and make sure the ductwork fits within a ceiling space.

In addition to checking spacial relationships the 3D model can be linked to construction schedules to create 3d animated visual schedules, which can assist in lean construction methods, site workflow, material orders and logistics.

Told you this blog wasn’t dead.

Papercraft Chicago

paper chicago

People with an interest in architecture, crafts, glue and a little spare time may want to head over to this website They sell postcards of Chicago’s architecture and historic landmarks that are meant to be cut up, folded and glued. Now you can finally build your own tiny paper Chicago and stomp around Wrigley Field just like godzilla would.

The site has postcards to order, instructions and tips for the best finished models and even hints on how to add extra details like N-scale wheels to the paper elevated train cars. Fun stuff.