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How to move REALLY large objects

I ran into this guys website a while ago, maybe on fark W.T. Wallington runs a website and uses his 35 years of experience in the construction industry to move absolutely huge objects (20,000+ pound concrete slabs) using mostly counterweights and fulcrums. He and his son moved a 30’x40′ 10 ton pole barn 200 feet in 40 hours by hand without using wheels or rollers. His site is full of interesting video footage of his methods in action. Firefox users beware, the videos only seem to work properly in internet explorer (can’t speak for other browsers).

He proposes that his technique could have been used to build the great pyramids and Stonehenge. To prove his point, he has begun to build a replica of Stonehenge out of eight 10 ton blocks on end with 2 ton blocks on top. By himself.

A quote from his site: “One man, no wheels, no rollers, no ropes, no hoist or power equipment, using only sticks and stones.”

I am truly amazed at human ingenuity

An animation I am working on

This is the beginnings of a residence I am working on rendering and animating in 3ds Max. The project is really turning out nicely, albeit slow due mostly to changes in design – which can be a good thing.

Drawn in Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Modeled in 3ds Max

I say I use Architectural Desktop, but I really only use the Autocad functions. I really need to learn the modeling and design functions of Desktop, I’m sure it would save time. Also, put Revit on my list of programs to learn.

Location: Edwards, Colorado