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My spring has sprung

On my Focus.

Front passenger side. Cracked suspension spring; makes a loud clanging sound whenever I turn the steering wheel.

I have an uncle-in-law who is a mechanic, usually he is willing and able to provide any maintenance needed, but has recently been experiencing problems with his sciatic nerve. Not wanting to cause him any further pain or anguish I am going to do the work myself with some tips and supervision from him.

Parts list from NAPA:

  • 2 Struts: $105.98
  • 2 Springs: $117.00
  • 2 Strut Bearing Plates: $92.38


  • 2 Monroe Quick Strut Modular Assemblies: $308

The math is simple. To buy and assemble the spring and struts it would cost $315.36 plus tax while the Quick Struts would only cost $308 plus tax.

The real savings is in time and safety. By using the Quick Struts, I shouldn’t have to worry about compressing any springs or assembling the parts before installation.

So the choice is:

Struts & Springs


Quick Strut

It’s nice when life gives you these kinds of choices…